Changing hearts, transforming lives
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Changing hearts, transforming lives
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Vision and Values

Changing Hearts, Transforming Lives

Aspley Evangelical Church exists to change hearts and transform lives, as we give people the opportunity to meet and grow in their friendship with God. Our aim is to enable people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, to live for his glory and enjoy him for ever. This happens when hearts are changed as we come to know and love Jesus.

To help us as a church to do that we have identified five key areas…


The church exists to worship God
Worship is in essence expressing our love to God Matt 22:37


The church exists to minister to people
Ministry is any work within the church done for the good of the whole church. Matt 22:38


The church exists to share the message of Jesus
Evangelism is taking the message of eternal life to the world whether that means thousands of miles or across the street. Mark 16:15


The church exists to provide fellowship
Fellowship is about coming together to help, build up and share with each other.
Providing a safe harbour from the storms of life. Acts 2:42


The church exists to build up God’s people
A disciple wants to be just like his master it’s the church job to help people become spiritual maturity grounded in God’s word and living it out. Matt 28:19

Our Pastor Martin Clowes explains in a bit more detail about the visions and values of the church.