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Live Streamed Services from 2021

18th Apr Peter Riisnaes   ‘Go the extra mile’ – Matthew 5 v 40 – 42
11th Apr Kieran McKnight ‘Turn the other cheek’
4th Apr Martin Clowes ‘Easter Sunday’ – Luke 24:1-12
28th Mar Kieran McKnight ‘The Cross’
21st Mar Martin Clowes ‘The Last Supper’
14th Mar Jason Griffiths ‘Stoned for the Gospel’ – Acts 14
7th Mar Martin Clowes ‘An Appetite for the Word’ – Acts 13
28th Feb Kieran McKnight ‘Prison Break’ – Acts 12:1-25
21st Feb Martin Clowes ‘The Christians…’ – Acts 11:19-30
14th Feb Kieran McKnight ‘A Change in Attitude’ -Acts 11:1-18
7th Feb Martin Clowes ‘Peter’s Realisation’ -Acts 10:1-48
31st Jan Mark Storry  ‘Back from the Dead’ -Acts 9:32-43
24th Jan Ed tells us all he knows about Saul who became Paul.
Kieran McKnight ‘Powerful Proof’ – Acts 9:20-31
17th Jan Join in the worship with videos created by our musicians.
Martin Clowes ‘Saul Transformed’ –  Acts 9:1-19
10th Jan Calvin gives his testimony.
Martin Clowes  ‘An Unusual Baptism’ – Acts 8:26-40 
3rd Jan  Hannah shares a children talk from Italy.
Darryl Pigott ‘A New Opportunity’ – Acts 8:1-25

Live Streamed Services from 2020

25th Dec Our Christmas Day Service
20th Dec Listen again to our alternative Carol Service
20th Dec On the last Sunday in Advent watch our alternative nativity followed by Martin talking about ‘The ultimate Gift’
13th Dec On the third Sunday in Advent Kieran gives a talk on ‘The Promise of a Saviour’
6th Dec           On the second Sunday in advent listen to the music group sing some carols, find out what Crossteach are doing and Darryl asks what people are missing most at this time.  Martin then gives a talk on ‘The Promise of Immanuel’
29th Nov                    On the first Sunday in advent Martin gives a talk on ‘The Promise of Peace’ 
22nd Nov Kieran continues out Study in Acts  – ‘A New Martyr’
15th Nov Martin continues our study in Acts  – ‘A New Understanding of Teamwork’
8th Nov The start of the second lockdown sees us broadcast the service from church with no congregation present. Anthony Adams continues our study in Acts ‘A New Approach to Prison’ 
1st Nov Join in worship with our socially distanced musicians then listen to Martin continue our study in Acts –  ‘A New Seriousness’
25th Oct     Unfortunately the service for this week is currently unavailable. 
18th Oct Martin continues our study in Acts  – ‘A New Persecution’
11th Oct We get an update on the work of HOPE before Kieran continues our study in Acts –  ‘A New call to Repentance’
4th Oct Martin continues our study in Acts – ‘A New Family’
27th Sep Martin continues our study in Acts  – ‘A New Understanding’
20th Sep Darryl Pigott continues our study in Acts ‘A New Power’
13th Sep Martin continues with our study in Acts ‘A New Team’
6th Sep                     Kieran starts our new series looking at the book of Acts ‘A New Beginning’ 
Please note that due to technical difficulties on the day, the recording starts part way through the service. 

To view online services from previous weeks click on a date below which will open a YouTube playlist.                         

30th AugWe look at the parable of the Good Samaritan.
23rd AugWe learn about God’s grace from William Baird and Mark Storry.
16th AugFind out what church has got to do with a Jenga game. Kieran speaks about Jesus’ character.
9th AugAndrew Dickinson encourages us to consider reasons why we should want to live a life that pleases God.
2nd AugWe look at lessons we can learn from the life of Samson.
26th JulyLydia talks to the children and John Goodwin talks to the adults about being bold in faith.
19th JulyOlivia gets us all to think about compassion. Martin talks about Grace.
12th JulyEd worries if God ever forgets us. Jay Modha looks at Psalm 13.
5th JulyWe look at what it means to be made in the image of God.
28th JuneKieran talks about the last of the 10 commandments
21st JuneLydia explores the concept of lies with the children while Martin explores how the 9th commandment applies to adults.
14th JuneMartin explores the 8th commandment.
7th JuneWe find out why Ed is hiding in the shed. Kieran talks to the adults about the 7th commandment.
31st MayOur young Italian friends help the children explore issues around 6th commandment and Jason Griffiths talks to the adults.
24th MayWilliam has a message for the children and Darryl Pigott talks to the adults about the 5th commandment.
17th MayEd has a project for the children while Peter Riisnaes talks to the adults about the meaning and importance of the sabbath.
10th MayAshley talks to the children and Kieran to the adults about why we should respect Gods name.
3rd MayThe Harby crew explore with the children what the 2nd commandment means. Martin considers ‘Why should I Worship God?’
26th AprilDavid encourages children to boogie after talking about the 10 Commandments, while Kieran talks about the 1st of the 10.
18th AprilDiane draws out the story of the sheep and goats, followed by our pastor Martin Clowes talk from Matthew 25:31-46.
11th AprilOn Easter Sunday Helen Baird and family have an important message, while Kieran talks about the importance of today.
5th AprilOn Palm Sunday, Ed makes an appearance needing help from the children and Kieran gives a talk for the adults.
29th MarchKieran McKnight looks at waiting for Jesus’ return
22nd MarchKieran McKnight, our assistant pastor,  gives a talk at the first of our virtual services entitled Coronavirus and You