Online Sunday Services

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Live Streamed Services from 2021

19th Sep John Horry – ‘ God the Father, Creator of Heaven & Earth’ Matt 6
12th Sep Martin Clowes – ‘I believe in…’ Romans 10
  From 12th September we are looking at The Apostles Creed
5th Sep Nathan Shipley – ‘Barnabas’
29th Aug Al Parks – ‘Joseph’ Genesis 37
22nd Aug Martin Clowes  – ‘The Fruit of the Spirit – Gentleness & Self Control’
15th Aug Mark Storry – ‘The Kindness of God’ 2 Samuel 9
8th Aug Darryl Pigott -‘Elijah Restored’ 1 Kings 19
1st Aug John Walton – ‘Growing in Faith’ Ephesians 3:6-21
25th July Jon Bass – ‘The Fruit of the Spirit – Faithfulness’
18th July Martin Clowes – ‘The Fruit of the Spirit – Goodness’
11th July Martin Clowes – ‘The Fruit of the Spirit – Kindness’
4th July Anthony Adams – ‘The Fruit of the Spirit – Forbearance’
27th June Andrew Dickinson – ‘The Fruit of the Spirit – Peace’
20th June Martin Clowes – ‘The Fruit of the Spirit – Joy’
13th June Martin Clowes – ‘The Fruit of the Spirit -Love’ 1 John 4 :7- 12
6th June Al Parks – ‘Live by the sword’ – Matthew 26:36-56
30th May Kieran McKnight – ‘Practice what you preach’ – 1 Peter 5
23rd May Jay Modha -‘Love your neighbour as yourself’- Matthew 22:34-40 
16th May Martin Clowes – ‘ Sign of the times’ – Matthew 16:1-4
9th May John Goodwin  – Psalm 96
2nd May Martin Clowes ‘A wolf in sheep’s clothing’ – Matthew 7:15-20
25th Apr Kieran McKnight ‘Walking the narrow way’
18th Apr Peter Riisnaes   ‘Go the extra mile’ – Matthew 5:40 – 42
11th Apr Kieran McKnight ‘Turn the other cheek’
4th Apr Martin Clowes ‘Easter Sunday’ – Luke 24:1-12
28th Mar Kieran McKnight ‘The Cross’
21st Mar Martin Clowes ‘The Last Supper’
14th Mar Jason Griffiths ‘Stoned for the Gospel’ – Acts 14
7th Mar Martin Clowes ‘An Appetite for the Word’ – Acts 13
28th Feb Kieran McKnight ‘Prison Break’ – Acts 12:1-25
21st Feb Martin Clowes ‘The Christians…’ – Acts 11:19-30
14th Feb Kieran McKnight ‘A Change in Attitude’ -Acts 11:1-18
7th Feb Martin Clowes ‘Peter’s Realisation’ -Acts 10:1-48
31st Jan Mark Storry  ‘Back from the Dead’ -Acts 9:32-43
24th Jan Ed tells us all he knows about Saul who became Paul.
Kieran McKnight ‘Powerful Proof’ – Acts 9:20-31
17th Jan Join in the worship with videos created by our musicians.
Martin Clowes ‘Saul Transformed’ –  Acts 9:1-19
10th Jan Calvin gives his testimony.
Martin Clowes  ‘An Unusual Baptism’ – Acts 8:26-40 
3rd Jan  Hannah shares a children talk from Italy.
Darryl Pigott ‘A New Opportunity’ – Acts 8:1-25