Join Ed and friends for some fun!

If you are missing Sunday School or Kids Zone this place is for you!

Parents please note that there are some links on this page to YouTube Video’s not produced by the church. We would always encourage parents to be aware of what children are watching online.

The 10 Commandments

You can join in with The 10 Commandments Boogie!
David helps us think about rules.

The Harby Crew help us understand the 2nd commandment
Ashley helps us think about the 3rd commandment.
Ed needs some help with the 4th commandment.
William helps us understand the 5th commandment.
Our Italian friends help us learn about the 6th commandment
Find out why Ed is hiding in the shed.
What’s going to happen to those flapjacks?
We learn about the 9th commandment

To watch Ed’s American friend Douglas talk about all of the 10 Commandments click here

All about Easter

See what happens when Ed tries to help Emily with her homework.
The Bairds help us learn about Easter Sunday.